Steel products

Steel slabs

Another type of steel ingot produced in the world is slab ingot, which, like billets, has a high durability. This product is rectangular and therefore is more attractive than other ingots. Slab ingots are 12 meters long, 1.25 meters wide and 230 mm thick are are often made from carbon steel. Slab ingots are used in the manufacture and production of steel sheets.

Steel billet

Billet ingots are longer than ordinary ingots and are supplied with a circular or square surface and a width of less than 15 cm. This product is mostly used for the production of rebars and wires. This product has high flexibility; it is able to stretch, bend, and twist.


In general, rebars are divided into three categories: simple, ribbed and coiled, which have a variety of lengths, diameters, and are made from different materials. • European rebar (carbon, manganese, silicon, alloy, etc.) • Carbon steel (“black” base rebar) • Galvanized • Coated epoxy • Polymer fiberglass and stainless